Ready to Start Playing Seriously? Your First Rare Egg Machine Pull

Last Updated: Out of Date!! - Some things have changed

No, you aren't. The first thing I'll ask you to do is play through the tutorial. Follow through until the very end. Done? Read about the dungeon mechanics, otherwise you will get easily lost while reading. After you've done all that, you can start reading this tutorial and decide what sort of leader you wish to start the game with. I suggest playing the game for a bit just to test it out before continuing, though.

Your First Roll: Rare Egg Machine

You see the machine tab at the bottom? Click it. You have two options: Pal Egg Machine and Rare Egg Machine. I'll discuss the pal egg machine in another section. It's not important right now. What we're going to focus on is the Rare Egg Machine. The first monster you roll from this machine will pretty much determine whether you'll love or hate this game, especially if you plan on spending a minimal amount of money on this game, or nothing at all. First, I'll go over the types of monsters that will drop from this egg machine. Think of it as a slot machine. Not sure what I mean? Watch a bit of this video. As you can see, each machine pull costs 5 magic stones. You earn magic stones from clearing dungeons and during events, but they're rather limited. How would the game profit otherwise, right? The magic stones acquired from completing the tutorial will only provide you one roll to start with, so you'd better make the most out of it.

Each egg that comes out of the rare egg machine will either be a green egg with a star in the center, plain silver, or plain gold. I just listed them in their order of rarity: 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 or 6 stars. When you're ready to start playing the game with a late-game goal in mind, you're typically aiming to roll for a 5 star, gold egg monster. If you're aiming for a specific monster, you're best off rolling during a carnival or godfest. Both will be explained in further detail in another section. You can roll now or after reading this guide. It doesn't matter, as you can reroll (reinstall and repeat the tutorial) if you didn't get what you wanted. Read here for a quick guide on how to reroll on iOS. Below, I will compile a list of monsters you can possibly acquire through the Rare Egg Machine, along with a brief summary of the monsters' leader abilities and whether or not they are exlusive to the Rare Egg Machine (unable to be attained anywhere else in the game).

Starting Pulls: Focusing on playstyle revolving around LEADER skills

Rather than list monsters based on what festival they belong to, I will be grouping them by playstyle, focusing mainly on their leader skills. It is important, when re-rolling, to know what type of playstyle you're commiting yourself to for a good portion of the game. If it's not something you enjoy, or hard for you, then find something else which suits your play better.

Hover over images for their nickname (I will refer to them as such). Monsters are listed in the lowest form required to meet the criteria under which they're categorized. You are pretty much guaranteed to roll their unevolved form, so don't freak out if the monster looks a bit different. They're going to. *Special Note: Batman REM was a limited time feature, that may or may not come back in the future. Striked out monsters are ones I'd reroll.

Specific Orb Color Matching

These god-type monsters require you to match specific orb colors to deal a substantial amount of damage. Suzaku, Seiryuu, Genbu, and Byakko require you to match 3 specific orb colors while Kirin and UmiYama require 4. Of course, the higher requirement of colors rewards you with a higher damage multiplier. Their leader skills only activate if all colors attack, so make sure you bring along all the colors required to activate them.

Personal Ranking: Kirin > UmiYama > Byakko > Suzaku = Genbu = Seiryuu
Kirin and UmiYama are ranked above the other 3 solely for their higher multiplier (when using two of the same lead, they have 25x as opposed to the 12.25x of the other 4). Kirin is ranked slightly above UmiYama due to the ease of access in acquiring amazing subs, none of which are exclusive to the Rare Egg Machine. Other arguments can be made, but I'd rather not get into that. Both are extremely strong leads and can be used to clear almost every descend in the game. Next in line is Byakko, due to her access to three amazing colors: dark, red, and blue. Echidna is the strongest monster in the game, and having her in line with your color combo is simply amazing, not to mention the dark attribute and ease of access to gravities (Hera and Hera-Is). The other three are debatable, but both Genbu and Seiryuu do not have access to a farmable delay (Echidna). All of the Chinese gods and UmiYama are great gods capable of clearing many descends.

Special Case!! Ra: Ra is an extremely powerful monster that is definitely not beginner friendly. The likelihood of a board containing 5 colors in any given randomized board hovers near 50%. Therefore, I did not rank him, and it is totally up to you whether or not you think you can handle him. My suggestion is to find another god to start with, however.

General Pros: Decently strong or insanely strong damage based on subs.
General Cons: Not beginner friendly, must be capable of making multiple orb matches for consistent damage, dungeons without an orb color can be extremely hard to clear.

Combo Based ATK Multipier Leaders

Batman Machine ONLY:

These combo based gods give you ATK multipliers based on the amount of combos you make, from a lowly three combos up to a maximum of twenty. Each god's leader skill is slightly different, and two of them (Ultimate Bastet and Kushinadahime) ramp up based on how many combos you make, up to a max.

Personal Ranking: Bastet > Kushinadahime = Okuninushi > Anubis (Special Case Scenarios only)
It seems like Bastet scales closest to the average person's ability to make combos. Beginners may start off doing 3-4 combos and eventually make up to 7 combos, which is the cap to Ultimate Bastet's leader skill multiplier. Bastet is a beginner friendly god that can tackle many harder dungeons. Definitely a good starting roll. Okuninushi only gives an attack multiplier at 6 combos or above, and doesn't scale at all. If you aren't comfortable matching 6 combos a majority of the time, I would suggest rerolling. Kushinadahime is a great god that offers good damage, and although scales later than Bastet, is more than capable of defeating many hard dungeons. Both Kushinada and Bastet offer a safety net at lower combos, but take huger combos to match Okuninushi's damage. Robin has no safety net until 8 combos, but he scales faster than Kushinadahime and Bastet, up to 10 combos. For more in depth comparisons, read here. Anubis is more or less only used in tricolor dungeons, and is not worth starting with as your first REM roll.

General Pros: Can be used with a large variety of other leads to great effect, less subsceptible to monster binds impacting damage capability.
General Cons: Hard dungeons may arise to cripple combo based team, such as a recent descend that lowers orb matching time.

Match Any 3 or 4 Different Colors

These two Egyptian gods reward you with a ATK multiplier based on whether or not you meet their activation requirements: 3 different colors matched for Isis, 4 different colors for Horus. Also note: these monsters must also attack, so if you don't have the matched color on your team, or a color is bound, you will not receive the attack multiplier. Also something to note!! These monsters are obtaining ultimate evolutions soon. Read more about them here.

Personal Ranking: Horus > Isis

These monsters have different pros and cons, but in general, Horus is a stronger version of Isis. More detail below.

Horus: This bird has always held a top spot as one of the most coveted rolls. With his upcoming ultimate evolution, he is holding onto his spot. He has the same multiplier as many of the Combo gods, while requiring fewer matches to do so. The only difference is that he has to match 4 different colors, not including hearts or jammers. It all depends on what is easier for you: matching 4 separate colors or making any 6-8 combos. He is unable to clear tri-color dungeons in a reasonable manner.

Isis: The one thing Isis does better than Horus is farm tri-color dungeons. Horus can't do that reliably (for obvious reasons), but he can easily farm a team capable of doing so. Other than that, she will take you decently far into normal dungeons, but I'd wait until she gets her ultimate evolution before deciding to start with her. She is extremely easy for newer players to use, compared to Horus, who can be a bit overwhelming at first. Neither are too difficult to use, however. With her upcoming ultimate evolution, Isis is potentially going to see more play and will definitely be able to clear a lot of content she previously couldn't. Stay tuned.

ATK Multipliers <%HP

There are many gods who play the same way as Dark Metatron, but she's the only one you'll acquire from the REM and only during Godfests. An amazing starting roll IF you plan to spend money on this game. Otherwise, she's decent. Since she's the only one listed, I'll talk a bit about how she plays. Farmable attacker types aren't too common in this game, but they are relatively strong. Overall, she's an adequate leader for beginners who can become monstrous if you're the type to spend money on this game and pull the egg machine for her subs. A starting roll that is relatively strong and can become a force to be reckoned with if you're willing to spend a bit of cash on the rare egg machine to get her ideal subs.

General Pros: Extremely high damage potential.
General Cons: One of the rarest REM pulls with optimal subs being REM as well so it's hard to find many friends who use her. Also, pre-emptive heals can destroy her multiplier.

3.5x ATK Multiplier when >80% HP

Batman Machine ONLY:

These gods give a huge attack multiplier for a certain type or attribute when above 80% HP. How do you calculate that? Use a calculator. I personally wouldn't recommend you start with any of these monsters, both for similar and different reasons, but mainly due to their inability to deal damage while below 80% health. This lack of consistency oftentimes sees these leads running dungeons with a lower multiplier, non-conditional lead (ie Ares/Valkyrie/Athena).

Personal Ranking: Ame no Uzume = D/W Batman > Archangel Metatron > Izanagi
When you first start the game, and especially if you are not planning on spending much on the game, you won't be aquiring any other god monsters outside of Izanagi, most likely. Even if you do plan on spending a lot of money on this game, Izanagi isn't the best god to start with. He is a great investment for already developed teams, though, usually in the 100+ ranks, with a lot of gods. The same lack of subs applies to Light Metatron, however her farms are not quite as rare, and can be farmed or pulled from the pal egg machine. Meanwhile, you'll acquire quite a few red monsters, which is the reason why Ame no Uzume is ranked first. Not because she's great, in any way, mind you. Batman would theoretically be good, if not better than Ame no Uzume, but very few people have him, let alone use him, so he isn't worth the investment for the sole purpose of using as a leader.

General Pros: Strong burst damage, capable of pairing with 3x type/attribute (soon) gods.
General Cons: Damage multiplier is lost when low HP, hard to find friends with same leader.

3x ATK Multiplier Leads

These are decent leaders, although generally only Cu Chu and especially Valkyrie see a lot of play. These monsters give same-type team members 3x attack without having to be above a certain % of their HP like the monsters above did. Although quite strong in their own right, they are all farmable from descends, making them less desirable leaders to start off with, considering you can start off with an REM only monster.

Personal Ranking: Valkyrie > Cu Chu > ADK Zeal > Siegfried > Torrential Fenrir Knight Kamui
Valkyrie is the most used lead in the game by a huge margin. You will have no trouble finding friends if you lead with a Valkyrie, and rightfully so. She has the easiest time farming and can clear quite a few descends due to her unresistable light damage and utility of her subs (such as Echidna and Siren). However, starting off with Valkyrie can be extremely hard, with her low attack multiplier, extremely low HP pool, and lack of healer subs. You'd be using Carbuncles until you can acquire a Siren or Echidna, which may take you a decent amount of time.

Cu Chu comes second, because of the multitude of balance monsters, which would make him more attractive than Valkyrie if only Healers weren't so good. His team generally has a greater health pool, with decent recovery. Siegfried isn't used as often mostly due to his lack of recovery and farmable physical monsters being rather crap. Ancient Dragon Knight Zeal got a new buff with his ultimate form. He will take you pretty decently far in the game, but dragons are generally really weak when it comes to defenses, so once you stop one-shotting bosses, you're going to be stuck. Also, at the moment, US lacks King Draggie (the King slime for Dragons). Not to mention, he's farmable and makes a better sub for Cu Chu than a leader of his own team. Torrential Fenrir Knight Kamui is a weaker version of Cu Chu, as blue balance orb changers do not exist outside of Kamui himself. He is also obtainable through other means, and lacks a skill-up dungeon.

General Pros: Can be used for various dungeons, decently strong burst, friends aren't hard to find (Valkyrie/Cu Chu).
General Cons: Farmable, oftentimes not enough damage output to clear descends.

Tank and Spank Leaders

These leaders all have one thing in common: they multiply the HP and RCV of corresponding team members by 2 if they fit the requirements (either color-the 4 Archanges- or type-Astaroth devil). As you can probably guess, partnering with a friend's leader will multiply both your HP and recovery by 4, making you extremely hard to kill through basic attacks.

Personal Ranking: Lucifer >>> Astaroth >>>>> Gabriel > Uriel > Michael > Raphael
Archangel Lucifer, not to be confused with Fallen Angel Lucifer is a league above the rest due to his access to an easy to acquire gravity skill (reduce enemy HP by a certain %) in Hera, alongside his own powerful active skill (which does a lot of damage). Lucifer is ranked above Astaroth because he can utilize any dark subs he chooses to, while Astaroth is restricted to devil type subs, many of which are REM (Rare Egg Machine) exclusives. She is more or less an end game luxury. Next in line is Gabriel. Although not as convenient or easy to acquire as Hera, Gabriel teams have the ability to use a gravity, given you can acquire a Hera-Is when her descend comes around. Raphael has access to gravities as well, however light gravities (Zeus, Kirin) are a lot harder to obtain compared to Hera and Hera-Is, and light monsters are pretty hard to level up, therefore I'd reroll him. He also lacks his own damage tool, much like the R/G/B Archangels. I wouldn't start with these monsters, personally, but they are okay to start with if you're tired of re-rolling. They are extremely easy to play, but boring. It's worth pointing out that Lucifer is a league above the rest, with Astaroth behind him.

General Pros: Safe and easy way to clear most dungeons, beginner friendly.
General Cons: Dungeons take extremely long to clear, can be extremely boring, no flashy numbers, many new dungeons have ways to cripple tank teams (monster binds, poisons, pre-emptive strike-anti Lucifer)

2.5x ATK Attribute+Type Multiplier Leader

Odin gives 2.5x ATK to god type monsters, and blue-attribute monsters as well once evolved. A huge warning: God type monsters are extremely rare in the early game, especially if you don't plan on rolling the REM too many times. They also have a huge team cost, especially with Blue Odin's staggering 50 team cost once evolved. This isn't a problem once you reach rank 200+, but as you can see, that will take quite a long time. He is a powerful substitute for quite a few late game teams, with his 3 skill boost awoken skills. Not the best starting roll for beginners who want to field a strong team in a decent amount of ranks. If you do decide to start with Blue Odin, prepare to have him as the only monster in your team until rank 60+ if not higher.

General Pros: An extremely strong monster with the best stats in the game, a powerful late game sub.
General Cons: Will take ages before you can field a proper team, god type teams costs an extremely high amount of team cost.

1.5/1.5/1.5 Attribute Multiplier Leaders

These leaders buff HP, ATK, and RCV by 1.5. They are generally regarded as weak, due to their lower multipliers. While you get a moderate boost to all your stats, the impact isn't great enough to clear harder content without a strong friend. Personally, I'd reroll all of them besides Persephone, but these gods are okay to settle with, if you are tired of rerolling.

Personal Ranking: Persephone > Parvati = Apollo > Shiva > Lakshmi
Persephone is first due to her dark attribute, mostly important for partnering up with Lucifer, and access to fire monsters (Echidna) with her ultimate. Apollo also has access to fire, except the inability to partner with Lucifer puts him below Persephone. Both Persephone and Apollo have amazing stat distributions and a nice active skill that can be skilled up, making them extremely strong substitutes when they retire as leaders in the late game. Parvati is a decent leader for the earlier stages of the game. As a leader, her usefulness begins to wane as you get deeper into normal dungeons, but her late-game utility as a sub is extremely powerful thanks to her active skill. She's one of the most powerful subs in the game, being the only god type who makes heart orbs. Shiva is a niche monster that can help many beginners clear Wednesday and Friday dungeon, which has evolution materials to evolve monsters. Lakshmi is dead last due to her pretty much useless active skill, partnered with a meh leader skill. I'd reroll her without a thought.

General Pros: Extremely beginner friendly.
General Cons: Outside of Persephone (partnered with Lucifer), none of them can lead reliable end game teams with their low damage output and average HP and RCV.

1/2/2 Attribute+Type Multiplier Leaders

These leaders multiply ATK and RCV by 2 for either type, attribute, or both type and attribute. Most people run these gods with 2x HP and ATK multiplier monsters for a 2xHP/4xATK/2xRCV team which can clear a good portion of the game's content.

Personal Ranking: Loki > I&I = Freyr > Freyja > Thor
Loki can now run 2/4/2 with Batman and the Ares ultimate and he has access to Lucifer, an insanely strong lead, which put him at the top of the list. I&I and Freyr are ranked before Freyja, mainly because Green lacks good farmable subs. Red has Echidna and Blue has Hera-Is. Mono-green teams can be comparably strong if you manage to roll a few defensive options such as Kushinadahime or Susano. Though if you get a Kushinada, chances are you won't be running a Freyja lead. Thor is a strong god but light teams are hard to start out with because light experience is really hard to come by and the light heartbreaker (Valkyrie) drops from one of the hardest descends in the game, unless you happen to roll her from the Rare Egg Machine later on. They aren't used too often as subs on late-game teams, Freyja hardly ever, but they are capable starting leads.

General Pros: Easy to use, easy to find friends.
General Cons: Unable to clear many descends.

2/2/1 Attribute Multiplier Leaders

Batman Machine ONLY:

These are the super beefy, good damage leaders, the first three with a different sub-attribute when ultimate-evolved, allowing for a possible bi-colored 4/4/1 team. Most of the time, people prefer to go the 4/2/2 mono-color route, when paired up with a 1/2/2 lead, which does a stable amount of damage while providing the health and recovery to survive. Generally great leaders besides Indra, as many have used them to clear multiple descends.

Personal Ranking: Ares > Hermes = Batman > Artemis
Ares has access to echidna and dark monsters (once ultimate evolved), putting him at the top of my list. Dark and r/g/b teams are a lot easier to level compared to light monsters. Batman and Hermes are next on the list because they both have access to easy to obtain gravities, Batman a little easier than Hermes. Artemis is next, due to lack of gravity and lack of easily obtainable utility (delay/heartmaker/defense/etc.) monsters. As late game subs, they are pretty good due to their dual orb changers and sub-types. Ares is especially useful in more fire focused Dark Metatron teams, while Hermes and Artemis are great subs for Siegfried and Cu Chu teams respectively.

General Pros: Easy to use, easy to find friends, can be used in late-game teams due to their good active skills.
General Cons: Unable to clear many descends, requires high exp investment in their team to clear the descends that they are capable of beating.

Special Case Monsters

Green Odin's (not Blue) leader skill reduces damage you take by 80% from the first monster that hits you as long as you have Full HP (not even 1 HP off). This is a reason why he is often paired with Amaterasus, or some form of Auto-Heal (Siren, Alraune). Amaterasu's leader skill heals you for 1x her own RCV at the end of every turn (5x when evolved). As you can imagine, she heals very little early on, but more with an exp investment. You'll want a pretty high level Amaterasu if you want reliable healing.

Oftentimes, you will pair Odin or Amaterasu up with a resist-leader; Odin to take even less damage, and Amaterasu for when multiple enemies spawn in a wave (which you would not otherwise be able to kill in a timely fashion). Odin is weak to multi-hits, while Amaterasu is weak to enemies that one-shot her, or do more damage than she can heal. Both are capable of helping you acquire your first Gravity, which will open many doors for you, but Odin has an easier time of that than Amaterasu because she can get one-shot without a properly leveled team.

General Pros: Can clear through all the normal dungeons (besides Legendary Earth) and technicals up to the conditionals, easy to use.
General Cons: Like 4/1/4 tank teams, they generally take a long time to clear dungeons, subsceptible to multi-hits and other technical dungeon bullshit.

Orochi...hmm...idk tbh.

I Read All That and I'm Still Confused!

tl;dr version: I'll list a few subs from each category that are good monsters to start with with a brief summary of why.

Many of the above gods are different in playstyle, but if you cared about that, you'd bother reading the actual guide where I went over how each one played out. I went ahead and chose the strongest of the bunch, although the difficulty range for each god varies quite a bit.

Kirin, UmiYama, and Okuninushi are generally the harder to play gods, while Dark Metatron, Lucifer and Isis are generally a lot easier for beginners to use. Isis is an extremely beginner friendly roll, but it won't take you far until she receives her ultimate evolution. I'd wait before deciding to start with her. Okuninushi especially is hard for even veteran players to activate consistently. You've been warned. Horus, Byakko, Kushinadahime, and Bastet are the middle ground when it comes to difficulty to play. Horus, Kushinadahime, and Bastet scale really nicely into late-game, in that as your matching skills increase, the bonuses from their leader skills will compensate you for your improvement. Archangel Lucifer is a broken god that can net you a whole can of descend gods (and in turn use those gods to acquire more gods), though you might want to kill yourself while playing because he takes ages to clear normal dungeons. If you want to eventually make a Valkyrie team, and happen to roll a Lucifer, take it. He can get you that and more. Dark Metatron is arguably the easiest to pick up and start playing. Be careful of heart orbs is all I have to say.

The below monsters can take you reasonably far although they either require significant investment or rely on specific partners to clear harder content.

All of the Chinese gods are capable of clearing many descends, as long as you invest a considerable amount of exp into them. They are not too hard to pick up and play, and are quite fun and challenging enough for the average player. Ame no Uzume is a pretty decent starting roll as well. You can choose to partner with another red mono-color multiplier for a safety measure or another Ame no Uzume for huge damage, at the expense of safety. Persephone, Loki, and Ares are listed here because they can make a team with Lucifer. Teaming alongside Lucifer, they should be able to conquer many difficult dungeons other mono-color attribute leads just simply wouldn't be able to. Ares and Persephone have the added benefit of choosing whether or not to run either a red or dark team once ultimate evolved, or perhaps just sub in an Echidna into a primarily dark team. Odin and Amaterasu are great leaders as well, and are both helpful in acquiring your first gravity from Hera Descended (which will in turn unlock the ability to take on many other dungeons). Their teams do take quite awhile to clear dungeons, so if that's not your thing, I'd reroll.

Q: Hey! I got a monster not listed here, should I keep it?
A: No. It is either farmable, or not worth starting with, and you most likely will not enjoy this game. Reroll, unless you wish to just play a bit and restart later. Don't become too attached to your weak monsters, though!

Q: I'm really sick of rerolling, can I just settle for something?
A: If it's something from the list provided that isn't crossed out, you can go ahead and start with it. Any of the Greek 2.0 gods (Ares, Hermes, Artemis, Persephone) besides Apollo (good light monsters are rare) are good leaders for beginners and scale decently into late game, for example. Don't try to settle for anything else, though. If you're sick of rerolling, just wait until a godfest and try then. The likelihood of rolling a god will be much greater.

Notable Gold Egg Pulls to Consider Rerolling

Got a shiny golden egg I didn't list above? You'll find out why they're not good monsters to start with in the following section. A lot of them are extremely useful monsters, but as a leader, they lack the versatility to clear most of the game's content in a thorough manner. I won't rank them because you should really not be settling for these gold egg pulls, if possible, as they are inferior versions of the monsters above when it comes to your first golden egg. Some of the monsters listed in the previous section you would probably want to reroll as well (the ones I crossed out).

Resist (Damage Reduction) Leaders

These monsters all have leader skills that reduce damage by half from a single attribute's attacks. They can resist up to 2 attributes when ultimate evolved, either light or dark plus their primary color (dark/dark hades reduces 60% of dark damage and light/light venus reduces 60% of light damage). The reason why they aren't so great to start with is because the game's dungeons aren't all dominated by 1 color, as you'd probably guess, and like tank teams, they take a long time to clear dungeons. They're okay for certain dungeons that they provide protection against, until you get to dungeons with more than 1 color.

I'll go over a few situational uses of the Roman Gods listed above (also referred to as Greek 1.0). Minerva isn't used at all in late game teams. There really isn't any team you'd want to use her in, quite frankly. Neptune is a useful monster that can help with clearing out monsters with high defense (such as the masks and dubs from Wednesday and Friday dungeon). He's also oftentimes partnered with an Odin in clearing the game's first descend, Hera Descended. However, neither form of ultimate evolved Neptune is used in many late game teams. Hades is a popular lategame sub thanks to his gravity and sub-attribute, and is used in many burst and tank teams, such as Lucifer and Horus. His gravity skill is used to melt an enemy's current HP by 30%, but has an extremely high base cooldown. Ceres is used in a minimal amount of teams, such as Lucifer and Astaroth, and rarely Valkyrie teams. Outside of those teams, she sees limited play because her active cooldown is too long to justify using her most of the time. Venus is a substitute that will provide a lot of power to many late-game teams thanks to her great active skill. In a nutshell, Hades and Venus are extremely powerful late game subs, Neptune sees situational use, Ceres is rarely used, and Minerva is never used. None of them are amazing starting rolls, as they can't take you through the game's harder content, unless you plan on solely focusing your efforts into getting a Hera with your Neptune.

(not yet in rare egg machine) These ripper dragons, as they are commonly called, are all obtainable from other sources in the game besides the Rare Egg Machine (such as the Pal Egg Machine and dungeons). You won't get their evolved form outside of the Rare Egg Machine, however. They share the same issues listed above in the Roman Gods section, and will at max resist one color's damage. They're also dragons with breath skills, and are rarely ever used in the late game. I'd definitely reroll them, mainly because they're all farmable.

This series of dragons, commonly referred to as Toy Dragons, provide 50% resist against two colors. You can tell which colors by their ultimate evolutions. They are useful in select dungeons as leads, like the other monsters listed above, but they are most commonly used as subs in the early and late game. They are crucial subs for type teams, often run in many teams, but provide very little power for a starting roll. Drawn Joker is now farmable through his own dungeon, also. Overall, not great starting leads, as their stats are pretty subpar and resist leads are situational. They are better rolls than any of the ripper dragons listed above, though.

Susano is a special case monster. He's the only monster who reduces damage by 20% from all attacks, up to 25% with his ultimate evolution. The problem is, 20% is an extremely small amount. He is definitely not a good leader, and never used as such. His active skill is an extremely powerful damage reduction ability, however U.S version currently has no way to skill him up. I'd definitely consider rerolling him.

2.5x HP Attribute Multiplier Leaders

These elemental monsters give a 2.5x HP multiplier to their respective attributes. 2.5x HP is a huge multiplier, but you have no way of recovering damage taken with a 1x RCV multiplier. With a 1x ATK multiplier as well, you can't kill monsters fast enough either. Their active skill allows them to be used for situational dungeons later on, but their use is quite limited at the moment. Not a keeper.

2x ATK Bi-Colored Attribute Multiplier Leaders

These dragons all give 2x ATK to their respective attributes, plus a 2X ATK multiplier for a second attribute of your choice depending on the ultimate evolution. A 2x attack multiplier is not good enough for most of the dungeons later on, regardless of what colors you choose to take. They are pretty flexible, but due to the lack of people who have or use bi-color teams, you'll have a hard time finding friends. Not to mention, their active skills are extremely useless for late game teams, and have a really long cooldown. Definitely a reroll.

1.5/1.5/1.5 Type Team Leaders

These monsters provides similar bonuses that the 1.5/1.5/1.5 attribute monsters provide, but exclusive to their respective types. The reason why these teams are generally weaker is because mono-colored teams strictly deal more damage and require less effort for more or less the same rewards. Another thing to take into account is that monsters are given types that are generally reflective of their stats (there are exceptions). Attackers have low HP, high ATK, average to low RCV. Healers have low HP, low ATK, high RCV. Physical monsters have high HP, average ATK, low RCV. Balanced, as you can imagine, are pretty balanced in their stat distributions. Same applies to devils. All of them but Amon make better substitutes for mono-colored multiplier teams, rather than leaders. Amon is generally only useful in Lucifer and Astaroth teams. The one benefit these series have is that they can utilize the slime series. If you choose to use the slimes, you should find ultimate evolved Norse gods to partner with for a potential one turn 9x burst damage team that can take you pretty decently far into the game. Low multiplier type teams still remain really unpopular, though, I must emphasize. Not the worst rolls ever, but definitely not great starting rolls. I'd suggest you reroll.

1/2/2 Type (Only) Team Leaders

These four monsters give a 2x ATK and RCV multiplier to their respective types: devil, dragon, balanced, and gods. Fallen Angel Lucifer is essentially a poor man's Loki, who also gives the same multiplier to devils AND any dark attribute monsters. Fallen Angel Lucifer won't be affected by god bind, but he lacks the firepower to do any dungeons where that is relevant, so that matters not. He does have a strong AOE nuke against light monsters, which will see conditional uses. Not nearly enough to warrant how useless it is elsewhere. However, he can use a King Baddie in his team, and when partnered with either another FA Lucifer or Loki, has the capability of a 1 turn 12x damage boost. In essence, he's a luxury sub, not worth starting with as your first roll.

Moving on, Vritra's multipliers look pretty nice, however, dragons are attributed to having extremely low RCV so the boost won't affect them much at all. Not to mention, most of the dragons in the game have breath spells, which only do damage at the moment, and won't help you clear harder dungeons later on. Vritra's active spell can do a hefty amount of AOE damage, however, and sees situational use in certain tank teams.

Homura is a nice fit for many mono-red attribute teams as a sub, but isn't so great of a lead, due to the lack of red balanced monsters. His damage output will always be a bit lower than the average 1/2/2 mono-attribute teams. Farmable as well.

Verche has a nice active skill used often in many late game teams and good multipliers as a leader, but gods are extremely hard to obtain early on. With Verche as your starting roll, it'll be quite some time before you have a team capable of acquiring any other gods to fill his team. His stats aren't too amazing, and he can also be farmed through his special dungeon and the pal egg machine. In summary, Verche is a bad leader, but a good sub for late game teams. Meanwhile Fallen Angel Lucifer and Vritra are poor leader choices that see very limited use in the late game, while at the same time, being quite below average early on. None are worth starting with.

2/2/1 Type Team Leaders

Sasuke gives 2xHP and 2xATK to attacker type monsters. Indra and CDK Voice give 2xHP and 2xATK to dragon type monsters. Sasuke would be a pretty decent starting roll if attackers had any decent green monsters. At least his orb changer active skill doesn't interfere with the two main attacker attributes, red and dark. Overall, he sees very limited use outside of the early game, and even then he's an average mono-green attribute team sub.

Indra would also be a decent starting roll lead if not for the fact that the easily farmable dragon type monsters are not light based, so his teams are generally weak when it comes to burst damage. His active skill is really powerful for end-game teams, and will be even stronger once we have a reliable way of skilling it up. Overall, Indra's a below average starting monster, but isn't entirely useless come late game, where his use as a sub can be quite powerful.

Chaos Dragon Knight Voice has the same leader skill as Indra, and is a stronger leader than Indra due to his orb changing ability and farmable dark dragon. Although it is still relatively rare, Piedra can be farmed, unlike Angelion (for Indra). He is commonly used as a substitute on mono-dark attribute teams since he himself can be farmed. His stats are a lot poorer than Indra's, also. Not recommended as a starting roll.

2.5x ATK Type (Only) Team Leaders

These monsters, referred to as the Rider series, all give 2.5x ATK to attacker type monsters. The damage multiplier isn't bad, but it will only take you so far. Most farmable attackers all have really low HP and RCV as well, making them extremely fragile and unable to take many hits. They are all stronger subs than leaders.

Out of the monsters above, the one that see the most use as substitutes currently in late game type teams is Gryps Rider Finn, who is often used in devil (Ultimate Hera, Satan) and attacker (Dark Metatron) teams. Dino Rider Drake can also be pretty useful in primarily red attacker type teams or perhaps a fire Hera-Ur devil team, but Finn is definitely the more powerful of the two and sees a lot more use since dark is just that powerful of an attribute/color.

Belial gives 2.5x ATK to devil type monsters. Like the Rider series, he's ok for the early to mid-game, but won't take you much further than that. As a sub, the only time you'd use him is in a tank team like Uriel or Astaroth. Since he's a very situational late game sub with a subpar early game, I'd definitely reroll him.

3x RCV Autohealers

These 5* healer girls heal you for 3x their own RCV (not your team's) at the end of every turn, as long as you make a match. Quite simple. They are usually paired up with Green Odin or resist leads to clear most of the early game content, much like Amaterasu. They are the monsters currently in the process of receiving ultimate evolutions.

As of now, Siren is definitely the strongest of the 3, as she is an easily skilled up heartmaker, which is useful for many teams. Although not used too often in end-game teams, she is a good sub for many teams, including Lucifer, since lack of heart orbs can cause death in many harder dungeons.

Both Alraune and Archangel do not perform as well as Siren. Their active skills take too long to charge up and don't scale with your team's levels, only their own. You currently never see them used at all in any late game teams. All of them are farmable and not recommended as starter rolls.

(2 or 5)xATK to All Enemies After Matching Orbs

At the end of every turn, Echidna deals 2x her own attack to all enemies. Hino does 2x as well, but his multiplier jumps to 5x his own attack after evolved.

Echidna has one of the best active skills in the game. Oftentimes when people roll her, they'd use her as a sub. It makes little sense to user her as a leader because her ATK values are way too low to clear anything past the early game. That being said, she's farmable. Don't settle for her.

Hino is a leader that many would use to speed farm certain easier dungeons because his ATK multiplier can become pretty huge (5x his own attack). Coupled with extremely high attack values, he can clear most of the early to mid-game no problem. However, he hits a rut soon after that, and you can't progress further into the game using him as a leader. He's more or less a luxury leader for those with other well developed teams. Also not a good starting roll.

Extend Time to Move Orbs

As leaders, these monsters give you an extended amount of time to move orbs. The issue with using them as leaders is that you only gain .25x damage for every combo you make, and the average person can only make about 4 combos per turn. That doesn't add up to much when you compare it to monsters that can give you a similar boost without having to make more than 1 combo.

Yomi is a powerful sub for late game teams thanks to her ultimate evolutions buffing her stats and giving her sub-types. She has an incredibly powerful active skill and awoken skills. The problem is, you won't be able to get anywhere near the point where she's extremely powerful with her as your starting roll. Her ultimate evolution that gives 3x attack to light monsters is only acquired through an extremely difficult descend that you simply won't be able to clear until you have another powerful team.

Lilith's active skill is a poor man's version of Neptune's. It's good for certain weekday dungeons, but sees little play elsewhere. Also worth noting that her orb movement extension time is a lot lower than Yomi's can possibly be. Definitely reroll her.

Chance to Deal Damage After Being Hit

filler text at the moment. They are bad though. Reroll.

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