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Commonly Asked Questions

Questions covered here will be those that are asked often, but don't have their own sections yet.

Skill-Up Questions

Q: Does feeding more monsters give me a higher chance of skilling up a monster?
A: No. Feeding 5 monsters does not give you an additive chance of skilling up a monster. Each monster gives you a % chance of skilling up that doesn't stack. You can receive multiple skill-ups from feeding more than 1 monster, however.

Dungeon Questions

Q: Does targeting a monster make it more likely for an egg to drop?
A: No. Drops are determined as you enter the dungeon. All you can do is clear the dungeon and claim your rewards. How it works is simple. When you enter a dungeon, you send the server a request. The server gives you a predetermined set of monsters and drops. Once you finish the dungeon, you send a request to the server, and then you receive your drops. This is why you can run dungeons even when not connected to the internet.

P&D Guide

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Basic Gameplay

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