Game Mechanics

In this section, I'll be going over the game mechanics. This assumes you've already installed and played through the in-game tutorial. IN PROGRESS, PAGE MIGHT BREAK RANDOMLY

General Greeting Screen

Every time after you first launch the app, you will be greeted by a green box which will tell you the amount of pal points you've earned, from friends or adventurers (other random players). They also list your current pal points. Press ok and you'll be taken to your mail/friend invites if you have any. I'll describe both pal points and your friend list in more detail later on. For now, we'll pay attention to the bars at the top and bottom.

Starting from the top left, the little symbol next to your in-game username will be different depending on what dragon you chose to start with. As you can tell, I started with the water dragon. To the right of your name is Gungho's daily message/announcement. Underneath is your experience bar. By clicking it, you can see your current experience values and how much more you need to rank up. As you rank up, you gain additional friend spots (up to 50-you can buy more), team cost, and max stamina. Click this link for more detail. Your stamina bar is below your experience bar. Each dungeon you enter costs a certain amount of stamina. Every 10 minutes, you generate 1 stamina up to your max cap. Generally, you'd want to make sure that you're never capped off, to make the best out of your stamina regeneration. Stamina can be refilled through ranking up or paying 1 magic stone. Just a quick note: Any stamina left before ranking up will disappear.

To the right of that, you'll see your current amount of magic stones and gold. Magic stones are used to increase your monster box space, add more max friend space, refill your stamina bar, roll the rare egg machine, and continue when you die during a dungeon. You earn magic stones through clearing dungeons or buying them with real money. During events, they are given out daily. Gold is used to power up and evolve monsters. It can be earned through completing dungeons.

The bottom area is where you'll be clicking a lot. At the top in red text, you'll see alternating tips about the game. Feel free to read them if you want. Below that, you'll have your menu selection. The page you're on will be highlighted in a light yellow color. In the screenshot, I am on the Friend page. Below, I will go over how the different menu selections function.


The Dungeon option brings you to the dungeon page, and shows you a list of dungeons you can enter by spending stamina. The Normal and Special dungeon options are available from the beginning, and the Technical Dungeons are unlocked after clearing all the way up to Castle of Satan in the normal dungeons. You can alternate between the separate dungeon types by pressing the button menu at the top right, underneath your Gold. The page you're on will be listed to the left of that. Endless Corridors, on the special dungeons page, is a stamina free dungeon that you can use to test your teams. It will reward a magic stone the first time you clear it only. When you first start, you'll only see one dungeon category. You unlock the next dungeon tier by completeing all of the sub-dungeons in your current tier. Special dungeons are available from the start, but only you will not be strong enough to clear them until a bit later. By clicking any of the other choices you see (you will only see one Normal dungeon at the beginning), you will be brought to a sub-menu screen where you can make your selection. In this example, I clicked Junos Island.

As you can probably tell, I've completed all the dungeons in the Junos Island category. Doing so rewards me with a magic stone. Each dungeon category rewards you with one stone once you complete all of it's sub-dungeons. You can repeat any of your completed dungeons using stamina but you won't receive a magic stone again, only gold, rank experience, and monster drops. On the right, underneath the stamina cost, you see how many battles a dungeon has. For now, just think of it as how many rounds or waves of monsters you'll encounter. I'll be discussing dungeon mechanics in another section.


The Monster page is where you can manage your monsters, obviously. You receive monsters from clearing dungeons and pulling the egg machines (I'll get to this soon). THIS SECTION IS HORRIBLY INCOMPLETE RIGHT NOW


The shop page is where you can purchase magic stones using real money, restore your mana using 1 stone, and increase your monster box capacity by 5 per stone. You unlock the ability to purchase 5 friend slots per stone at rank 67. This section is pretty simple to understand.


The Machine page is where you spend pal points and magic stones to roll for monsters. The number above the egg icon shows you how many pal egg machine rolls you've accumalated (up to a maximum of 50 at one time). You can read details about your first rare egg machine pull here. More detailed information about how the egg machines work is located here.


The friend page is where you can manage your friend list, search people through their user IDs, manage your friend invites, send mail to your friends, and send a one time present to a friend of choice. The number above the little icon shows how much mail/friend requests you currently have to answer or open.

Clicking 'Friends List', you can manage your friends. By clicking on a friend, you bring up a few different options. You can add or remove them from your favorites, check their leader's info, or delete them. As you can tell, I don't have the option of deleting a friend in the screenshot. That's because I added them as a favorite. In order to delete friends, you have to remove remove them from your favorites. Near the top right, underneath your gold, you can change the order your friends are listed in. Play around with the different options and find one that suits your needs best. You can change your sort order at any time.

The ID Search page is where you will find your own personalized User ID. This is also where you add your friends using their own IDs. Simalarly, you share your ID with your friends so they can add you. Both people do not need to add each other. One person will suffice. You will not show up on each other's list until either one of you accepts the other. Many times, a force quit (forcibly quit app and re-open) is required before your new friend will show up. Gungho also added a link to share your own ID on Facebook if you care to.

The mail/friend invites page is where you can access your mail and accept or deny friend requests (You can have a max of 30 friend requests at one time). Daily magic stones and/or pal points are delivered here when there's an event going on.

The Send Mail page is pretty easy to understand. You can send in-game messages to your other Puzzle & Dragon friends.

The Present option is a one time feature that unlocks at rank 20. It allows you to gift your friend a random starter dragon in its first form. It will also come with +3 eggs (you can learn more about these here: jk i dont have it yet). You receive a random +3 starter dragon as soon as you send your gift, as well. Please note: you can receive limitless presents but can only send a present once. Be careful who you trade with! There are many scammers out there, so I'd suggest you do it with a friend.


The most important use for this page is obtaining your secret code. You can find it under Support. The secret code is essential for recovering your account in case anything happens, as Gungho uses it to verify your ownership of the account. They can also possibly track you if you've made a single purchase on your account. This is why many people, even those who don't plan on spending money on this game, will spend a dollar to purchase 1 magic stone to ensure some sort of safety to their account.

Most of the other stuff on this page is pretty easy to understand. Browse through at your own leisure. Important features include viewing current game news and checking your own monster-dex (like a pokedex). You won't need to use this page at all given the many resources I've provided for you on the sidebar.

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