The Egg Machines

Last Updated: February 27, 2014

The egg machines are like slot machines. It is entirely random, although some monsters are more likely to be pulled than the rest. In this section, I'll go over how each egg machine works and the special events that may take place, effecting the probabilities of pulling certain monsters.

The Pal Egg Machine

The pal egg machine is the green dragon machine. Pull his lever hand downwards. Please note: once you're already on this screen, closing the app won't cancel your pull. The second you pressed ok and the app finished processing your confirmation, the monsters would have already been deposited into your monster box. Essentially, this dragon machine animation is for aesthetic purposes only.

Pal Points

In order to use the Pal Egg Machine, you must have pal points. Each pull costs 200 pal points, and you can store a maximum of 10,000 pal points (total of 50 rolls). You can pull 1 egg at a time, or 10 at a time. If you have less than 10 total pulls available, you can pull the maximum you currently have. Any more than 10 and you will only be able to pull 10 at once, or 1 at a time.

You gain pal points through clearing dungeons using your friends and random adventurer's leader monsters. Using a friend will grant you 10 pal points, while using 1 of 3 adventurers available with give you 5. You can only receive pal points from the same friend once a day, even if they switch leaders. Everytime you use that friend again in the same day, you will earn 0 pal points. As you can see in the screenshot above, coy@GAF would give me 0 pal points, since I've already used him once today. Also, whenever friends use your leaders, you will gain 10 pal points, 5 if it's a random person. You will see how many pal points you've earned from others every time you launch the application. Pretty simple.

Pall Machine Events

During event weeks (usually every two or so weeks), there will be a special pal egg machine event. Usually it alternates between evolution materials and king dragons. During that time period, monsters from the following sets have a chance of dropping.

Evolution Material Event

King Dragons Event

Other Notable Monsters

These are some other notable monsters that have a low chance of dropping from the pal egg machine at any time, even during non-event weeks.

The Rare Egg Machine

This gold colored dragon machine costs 5 magic stones to use, but guarantees you a 3* and above monster. Certain monsters are not included, while many are only available through this machine. During godfests, the chance of rolling gods in a certain series is higher than it is normally. I would highly suggest you only roll during these godfests. You may even roll certain 6* evolved god monsters.

Godfest Information

Unless stated otherwise by Gungho, these gods only show up during godfest. Godfests only appear once for a 24 hour period every event or so, based on Gungho's event plan. The following eight gods only drop from the egg machine during godfests!

During godfests, there are increased drop rates on a certain series of monsters as well. Each godfest features a different series, plus the four gods listed above (unless Gungho announces otherwise). I'll list the different series that have been featured during godfests below:

Japanese 1.0, Indian, Toy Dragon, Elemental, Rider, Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Sengoku (Ninja), Greek 2.0, Archangel, Archdemon, Chinese, Japanese 2.0

The following series are also available at all times in the rare egg machine, but are not featured in godfests.

Golem, Mystic Knight, Healer Girl, Heart Breaker, Late Bloomer Dragon

Sticker Girl Egg Machine

This pink colored dragon egg machine costs 5 magic stones as well, and was available for a limited time. It may come back sometime in the future. Contained the following monsters:

During one event, there was also a small chance of receiving a Chinese god instead.

Batman Egg Machine

This egg machine was part of a collaboration with Batman: Arkham Origins. It was a limited time egg machine, and predictions on if and when it will show up again are unclear. So far it has shown up twice. The following monsters were featured:

The likelihood in rolling a Batman+Batarang, Robin, or Catwoman was a lot higher than the dual attribute Batman+Batwing and BAO Batman+S. Gloves.

Hello Kitty Egg Machine

This egg machine has been featured once so far. It contains many good subs and some decent leaders as well. However, both of the strong leaders (Goddess Hello Kitty and Pompompurin) have lower pull rates than the other monsters.

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