Dungeon Types

There are different types of dungeons in this game: Normal dungeons (brown), technical dungeons (green), and limited entry dungeons (dark blue). Normal dungeons are pretty simple. All monsters will do is attack you once their turns come up. Technical dungeons employ various mechanics throughout that may or may not make it impossible for certain teams to attempt. Limited entry dungeons restrict your team members based on aspects such as cost and attribute. They may also have some monster skills, like technical dungeons.

Active Skills in Dungeons

There are a multitude of active skills in this game, however a few of them are often confusing to players, newbies and veterans alike. Of these skills, damage reduction skills, enhancement skills, and armor break are all buffs and debuffs that many are oftentimes questioning: Do they stack? Or in other words, can I use multiple on the same turn? In regards to if you can use a buff and debuff on the same monster wave, you can, since they are separate mechanics. Using more than one buff or debuff can be a bit more confusing, so I went ahead and explained the details below.

Monster Buff Skills

Buff skills appear in the top right corner. They include type buffs, attribute buffs, armor buffs, and counter-attacks. Bastet has her own unique buff (shown as an All symbol) that can be used in conjunction with any of the other types of buffs, which expires after 3 turns. Type and attribute buffs are mutually exclusive, meaning you can only have one active at any time. You can use armor buffs with either type or attribute buffs, but you cannot apply a stronger or weaker armor buff while you have one currently active. After every one of your turns, regardless of whether or not you made a combo, one turn will tick off of your buffs. However, the armor buff will remain at its current amount of turns if you can clear the wave before the enemy turn begins (poison will not count, because it occurs at the beginning of an enemy's turn, rather than the end of yours). Counter attacks, shown as two fists, tick down after every turn, regardless of damage taken or done. Counter attacks will not do damage if you are killed by certain enemy skills (technical dungeons only).

Monster Debuff Skills

The monster debuff skills include poison, delay, and armor break. They appear on the monsters in a wave. As you can see, you can use all three types on the same monster wave. However, once applied, you cannot use a more powerful version of the same spell until the monster dies or the effect has worn off. Poison is displayed by a skull symbol. For poison to wear off, the monster must die, simply. The circle clock symbol represents an active delay. Delay expires after the monster takes its turn. You cannot apply more than one delay at a time. In order to use another delay, the enemy monster must take a turn to either use a skill (technical dungeons only) or attack you. Armor break, shown as a cracked shield, expires in a certain amount of turns based on the spell used. However, if you kill the monster wave before the enemy has a chance to do anything, the armor break will carry over (at its current amount of turns) onto the next wave without expiring. Poison damage ticks at the beginning of an enemy's turn, so if a monster dies to poison, the armor break debuff will tick down one turn. Very few monsters in the game have a skill that can clear all debuffs, however the mechanic does exist.

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